Lischeto, Balze Volterrane 3.3 lb (1.5 Kg)

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The Balze Volterrane cheese is the most characteristic among the Lischeto production. Intense flavor, with an aftertaste of plant due to the peculiarities of rennet propio (wild artichoke). Strong smell of herring with the accentuation of aging.
It ideally combines the great red wines of the Tuscan tradition, even aged.
Minimum seasoning 60 days.

Raw Organic sheep’s milk, enzymes, vegetable Rennet using wild thistle (Cynara cardunculus) and salt. Wheel: cylinder form with round flat sides Height: from 5cm to 15 cm

Diameter of the wheel: from 10cm to 20 cm
Weight: from 600g to 2kg
Rind: Smooth light or dark yellow colour.
Body Texture: semi firm and friable with an Ivory white or light yellow colour with some eyes (holes)
Aw>0,92 (if fresh), pH=5,2-5,5

Shelf Life:Temperture <11°C, moisture <90%
Fat in dry matter: > 45%
Protein: (Nx6,25):> 20%
Maturing: at least 3 months

Scent: Pronounced smell of milk, wild thistle together with a hint of aromatic herbs and fruit.
Flavor: First impact sweet and savory with a light sharpness at the end, this characteristic enhances the older the cheese is.
Aroma: Fruity with a hint of milk and wild thistle.
Aftertaste: persistent recall of fresh grass. This is an elaborate cheese and extremely elegant.



Why we choose it

And archaeologist from the 700’ such as Mario Guarnacci and his master The Salvini. In these letters it’s indicate the appreciation for the “cacio Volterrano” . The designated milk for the transformation to make the “Pecorino delle Balze Volterrane” needs to be strictly full-fat sheep’s milk Without having undergone any type of thermalisation and must be worked Within 48 hours from the collection of the milk. The raw milk is poured into A copper or stainless steel heater until it reaches the ideal temperature of 30°C - 40°C to obtain the coagulation, afterwhich the enzymes and the rennet (vegetal or animal) is added. When the curd has reached the right consistency it then gets broken with a spiral curd cutter to into Grains of rice. Aferwhich the curd is manually put into to cheese moulds mAnd left to in the stewing machine so that all excess whey will be drained. For approx 4-5 hours and every hour the wheels are then turned manually.

Salt is then added on the wheels and the day after washed.
This cheese can be ideally combined to interesting dishes such as fish And mushrooms. This cheese can be ideally combined to interesting dishes such as fish and mushrooms.

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